Most Valuable Player

The Intramural Open will officially begin February 27, when the first 2014 CrossFit Open workout is released.
Before that date, you’ll be asked to sign up for a team. Tonight is the draft for those already registered through the CrossFit Games site.
The draft will be random. You’ll be assigned a team captain – Boo, Shane, Linda or Philsy – and they’ll start pestering you to, you know, do stuff. Like show up, wear tshirts, and yell. Maybe some burpees or something.
If you haven’t signed up before the draft, no problem: they’ll pester you ANYWAY. Are you really going to say no to Linda? I don’t think so.
There are plenty of good reasons to sign up (here are a hundred,) but let’s talk about the most common reasons for NOT signing up:
I don’t wanna be the last one picked. Hey, no one does. I’ve been there. Let’s consider who the most valuable member of each team will be:

  1. They show up for every workout at Catalyst. One point times six weeks equals six points.
  2. They make a LOT of noise, wear special shirts, shave their head, get a team tattoo. Loudest team each week equals five points for the team.
  3. They win a ‘Spirit of the Open’ award after all six weeks. That’s ten points for their team.

Conversely, the top athletes can win ONE extra point if they finish among the top 3 in a given workout. That’s a maximum of six extra points.
I can’t do the weight/movements. What do we do in a regular CrossFit class when you can’t use the Rx weight? We use less weight. It will be the same in the Open, and this year there’s no reason to stop when the weight gets heavy.
For example, last year’s burpee/snatch ladder:

  • Last year: stop when you can no longer snatch the weight.
  • This year: continue to use a lighter weight as long as you like. Your score doesn’t count the non-prescribed reps (but who cares?) We want a solid workout anyway. If you can snatch 45lbs for 30, but can’t hit 65lbs, you’ll just do another round at 45lbs. Your score tally will end, but the clock won’t, and neither will the cheering.

I’m too new. Use this year not as a test, but as a foundation for next year. We’ll coach you through the movements, just like any other CrossFit class.
I don’t want to compare myself against other people. No problem. Don’t check the leaderboard.
All that yelling and cheering is intimidating.  Everyone’s nervous. Everyone’s excited. Everyone has to pee right beforehand. And we all just want to see you try really, really hard. We’ll clap just as loud for the first rep as the hundredth. If you’ve never had a support system this strong – heck, if you’ve never had fans before – this may be a little scary. But after the workout, it will feel like your sixth birthday party.
I might do okay. Then I’ll have to set higher expectations for myself, and live up to them. Yes. That’s why we’re all here.