The Intramural Open: Teams

The CrossFit Open begins February 27th.
Catalyst will make it fun. For more of our members, the competition won’t feel like a competition at all. Our in-house leaderboard will feature four teams in Intramural-style play. Read more about it here.
Sure, you can check your scores against 200,000 others worldwide…if you want to. But what REALLY counts is showing up, celebrating your fitness, and smiling.
When you sign up for the CrossFit Open (click here,) you’ll be drafted onto one of four Intramural teams:
The Chalk Monkeys – Captain Phil Strickler
Snatues of Liberty – Captain Betty-Lou Mancuso
Kipping It Real – Captain Shane Gillespie
Deadlift Daredevils – Captain Linda Clargo.
Don’t worry about being the last one picked; only the Green Army Competitive Team will be ‘selected’ by the Captains. Everyone else will be randomly drawn.
On the week before the first workout, your Team Captain will invite you to a facebook group for your team. Use that group to plan: dress the same colour, wear jingle bells, create a team chant, whatever. Or just plan to kick butt, no problem.
Our Open workouts will take place at every group time on Friday, building to Friday Night Lights at 7pm. Competitive athletes are welcome to redo the workouts on Sunday at noon, if they wish. The cost is the same as any CrossFit group: your Unlimited CrossFit membership covers you, or use a punch card.
For now, register online for the CrossFit Open, join the ‘Catalyst Green Army’ team, and wait for your Team Captain to call!