Commitment – More Than Skin Deep

Jonestownreview3Splash, don’t skip.

If you really want to know how something works, immerse yourself for a month.  I did.

We ran Crossfit for months before I did a real, honest-to-goodness WOD.  But the shameful truth is that I KNEW about Crossfit in 2003.  I dismissed it.

In 2006, when we launched our study into exercise adherence, the results were a real shock: people liked exercise that was broad, general, inclusive, and unexpected.  In other words, people like Crossfit – they just don’t know it yet!

Putting Crossfit into black and white is like 6 blind guys describing an elephant: depending on where they are, their description is much different!  Starting Crossfit after powerlifting for 3 years, my concern was loss of strength.  Runners, though, worry about bulking up too much.

Do Crossfit for 1 month.  If you can bear it, do Crossfit and nothing else (if you’re doing it right, you shouldn’t have anything left to give after the WOD anyway!)  Watch what happens (hint: you won’t lose strength – my deadlift hit an all-time PR of 520 in May, after a month of Crossfit.)

Drink the Kool-Aid!

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