Nobility of Purpose

Photo_muhammad_aliIf the purpose is noble, the preparation is easy.

A big reason we define ‘fitness’ as ‘preparedness’ is because we believe that, as humans, we’re always getting ready for something.  Our firefighting heroes are getting ready to dash into a live fire.  Our police heroes are getting ready for the next surprise on their shift. Athletes are getting ready for the next competition.  Die-hard Crossfitters are getting ready for their next PR.  People in our boot camps are getting ready to step through the door into a better life. 
It’s much easier to prepare (ie train) if your goal is a noble one.  Do firefighters have to drag themselves off the station couch, spilling Cheetos on the linoleum, when it’s time to work out?  No.  They’re anxious to train.  They want to get better.  They want to be ready. 
Do athletes have to be coerced into going to practice?  No.  If their goal is high enough, and the implications of practice are self-evident (they know WHY they’re practicing today) they’ll have no problem getting excited about the exercise.
Improving your fitness is a very noble goal.  In a culture whose physical health is backsliding rapidly, it takes guts to step off that track and say, "No thanks.  Not good enough for me.  I’m going this way." 
Chances are, you’ll be the first of your tribe to take that step.  You will have to be willing to cut a new path. You will have to be willing to allow others to follow.  And that, friends, is true nobility.