Our Policy: No Jerks

We LOVE jerks. There’s no better way to get a heavy weight overhead.
But we have a low tolerance for the “other” kind of jerks. Luckily, we’re pretty immune. In the words of Greg Glassman, CrossFit “co-selects for a bunch of admirable character traits.” Read more here.
We want to be everyone’s best friend. Here, you can have our cupcake. But we won’t take HER cupcake away just to give it to you.
We have rules to protect her cupcake (and yours, too.) Most of them don’t need to be said: we don’t have lockers at Catalyst, because no one steals your stuff. We don’t give discounts or refunds, because we charge less than we’re worth. We don’t need a “lunk alarm” because…okay, we’re all lunks. Lunkiness is happiness.
And when a person believes they should get more than others–a discount, a free hat, one of our kettle bells–we say no. We don’t like entitlement. Everything at Catalyst is earned.
Our coaches live by our Client Bill of Rights. Our clients are honorable and honest because we filter for jerks. Thanks for keeping our gym jerk-perfect.