Catalyst Renegades

It’s 4:00 pm on Friday. You hurry home, eager to hear about how everyone’s day went, only to be greeted by an abandoned backpack in the front entrance. You call out to announce your arrival and get no response. Following the sounds of digital applause, you find your boy ‘glued’ to the screen, X-Box controller in hand – oblivious to your presence. Sound familiar?

If you are fighting the battle against the screens with a boy between 7 and 12, direct his energy to a healthy physical outlet with the Catalyst Renegades group.

In this one hour class, the boys will be be moving non-stop through ninja warrior-style obstacle courses, movement-based games, body weight strengthening and agility work. Lead by Coach Sarah Eddy, a highly-skilled athlete and powerful role model, they will learn COOPERATION and DISCIPLINE while having fun.

Following the workout, the group will discuss their Bright Spots from the workout and have the chance to reflect on their week. The Catalyst Renegades program will build strong boys, create new friendships – and gaming will be the last thing on their minds.
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Price: $135 + hst for 8 weeks
Time: Fridays from 4:30-5:30 pm starting November 9th.43524481 1431956716939630 4260732605604823040 n