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IMG_2596  In 2009, we couldn't resist any more: we had to start sharing the stories that were threatening to stretch the walls out of our gyms.  See, tough workouts tend to change you.  After awhile, feet on a different road, your future shifts – it takes a small step to the right.  It separates from the downward slope of our common culture.  It puts you in a different place; a place slightly removed.  Outside.  

Grouped together, post-WOD, we tell stories.  We tell where we've been.  We share past experience. There's commonality in exhaustion, and the chalk bucket feels a bit like a campfire.  We started telling these stories last summer (you can read dozens in the client stories section of this site, or this article was another favourite.) 

I challenged you to have a good story by the end of 2010.  It's January; your feet are planted on the road.  Here are your maps.  Get walking.  It's your story, after all, and we're ready to help you write the next chapter.

Web  OnRamp – Everything you need to get going with CrossFit.  From "how to squat" to "how to push yourself through 5 more clean and jerks while it feels like your heart is going to explode" to "how to eat on the Zone" to "why you need to be stronger….." all coached by superstar motivator, Whitney. 21 days straight.  For the first time, we're offering both an evening group (6pm Mon – Fri, mornings on the weekends) and a morning group (7am daily,) to handle the waiting list.  Starts January 11 at the Queen St. gym – get in early!  

Fraternity Barbell – Men only.  Powerlifting, OLY lifting, and strength coaching from Tyler Belanger and Mitch Fryia, two of the best around.  Train 1x/week with your group, do your homework, thrive. Starts January 13 – Wednesday evenings at 5:30, Saturday mornings at 10am (two separate groups.) Be ready to join the Brotherhood of Iron!

Barbell Bettys – The Sisterhood that became a cult following.  Once you're a Betty, there's no going back; you're a Betty for life.  They're everywhere: on facebook, out for dinner, and all over the record board.  Get stronger.  Crank up your metabolism.  Be proud.   Be beautiful. Be a Betty.  Starts January 11 and 14th (Monday and Thursday are two separate groups.)  Both groups will focus on perfection of foundational skills.  7pm at the Park.

Picture 1  Catalyst Teens – Take all the best elements of gymnastics, sprinting, jumping, pullups, pushups, and weightlifting, and throw them in a blender.  Catalyst kids get faster, stronger, and better coordination in a fun, achievement-based environment.  It's not uncommon for coaches to cheer themselves hoarse (ahem.)  Starts January 12 and 13th (two different groups.)  7pm at the Park.

Santana's Smouldering Bike Group – January 12. For one hour per week, we turn the Queen Street gym over to John Santana.  It's his job to make you a better cyclist.  Bring your own bike; we'll supply the trainer on which to mount it.  $80 for six weeks, 6pm on Queen Street.

The Pilates Rebounder – January 13.  Wednesdays at 1pm at the Queen Street location.  Call 253-9212 to get signed up!

(don't forget: Fire, Police and Military personnel get FREE access to CrossFit groups during Heroes Week!)

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