WOD 010410

Web  Three rounds for time of: 

12 Muscle-ups
75 Squats

The Catalyst Sectionals "TEAM" had a terrific WOD on Friday.  Brent killed it at 14:11, Chris finished in 17:30, and the girls scattered between those numbers…but everyone was under the 25:00 cutoff!  The next day, Deluco hammered the same WOD in 12:30.  Wow.  More to come this Friday at 1pm!

Catalyst is currently shifting booking systems.  Our new system will be friendlier, easier, and better for you – but there may be some occurrances where you receive two reminder emails (one from the old system, one from the new.)  Sorry!  We REALLY don't want you to miss! 🙂

To say that the Fraternity Barbell and Barbell Bettys groups for January 2010 are almost full is kind of an understatement.  If you're thinking about it, call NOW (256-1344_ or wait 6 weeks to be stronger!


Monday – 6am – 9pm (Closed for 30 minutes for CrossFit Groups at 7am, Noon, and 7pm)