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4496718619_15b016a9ab_o It's good to have brothers.

Brothers know when to push.  They know when to joke.  They know when to just shut up and let their actions do the talking.  And sometimes, they know when to rub it in a bit.

Right: Glen breaks Jimmy's long-held Rack Jerk record with a huge 245.  

Walking to Day Two of Ontario Sectionals, we were all on edge; it was sleeting and freezing, and we were shivering more from the anticipation of a long chipper than from the cold.  Josh was on the podium bubble, and was feeling the pressure.  So Ray shared a funny little story about two bulls overlooking a field of cows.  It was perfect for the moment, and we've been calling Ray "the old bull" for two weeks now.  You've gotta love the older, wiser brother.

On the other hand, somebody's gotta paw the dirt a bit; somebody's gotta keep the other bulls ready to charge.  We leave that responsibility to the youth.

The right mix of wisdom, piss, and vinegar is magical.  That's why we train in groups.  That's why we mix the bulls.  

We also lift weights.  It's good to be flexible; it's important to be coordinated; it's better to be strong.  When you're strong, the rest comes more easily.  When you're strong, you fight less.  The more you can carry, the lighter your load. 

If you're a CrossFitter, being stronger makes even the METCON more effective.  Since the goal is total work (measured in Joules,) consider the wattage output of 'Fran,' using 75lbs or 95lbs, even though the heavier weight takes longer:

95lbs – Six minute Fran          75lbs – Five Minute Fran

56362.96 Joules                     51799.3 joules

This isn't wattage, it's just plain old brute work.  Will this apply to running, or pushing a wheelbarrow, or competing in a Strongman contest? Absolutely!  The ability to do more total work is a blessing that's guided the leaders of our society from its primordial days.  And now, it's time for YOU to pick up those reins.  Everything in life is easier if you're strong. And strong is why we're here, after all.

Fraternity Barbell II starts April 14th!  This round, you'll spend more time on OLY lifting, as well as some Strongman work mixed in.  WODs will be a mix of CrossFit Strongman, powerlifting, and CF Football. Coaching by Tyler and Mitch.  Blood, sweat, and progress: all your own.

Register here – 6 weeks for $80 (members) or $119 (non-members, includes a gym membership!)

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