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January 2024 PRIME Groups

New Sessions Starting January 17!

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  • Wednesdays: Beginning January 17 at 5pm, for 6 weeks. CLICK HERE

🌟 Benefits of Group Workouts for Adults Over 50 🌟

Enhanced Motivation and Team Spirit: Enjoy the uplifting atmosphere of working out in a group. Cheer each other on, surpass personal limits, and celebrate your progress together.

Tailored Guidance and Support: Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated trainers. They ensure each activity is suited to your needs, providing a supportive and effective workout experience.

Boosted Accountability: Being part of a group means you’re not just committed to yourself, but also to your peers. This commitment reinforces your dedication to regular exercise and health goals.

Social Engagement: Regular socializing promotes better mental health and a brighter outlook on life. Joining Prime means building new friendships and broadening your social network.

Friendly Competition: A bit of competition can spur you on to achieve more. Engage in friendly challenges with peers to enhance your performance and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

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