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Personal Training
It's the month where your life takes a strong turn for the better. What's the best way to start? Personal Training. Individual attention, private coaching, and unlimited potential.  
Our coaches have a minimum of a 4-year degree. We're not salespeople. Ask any of our clients: we don't just write exercise programs, we change lives. Most gyms have a dropout rate of over 50%. Ours is 17%. Think about that for a minute. Want to talk with us? No problem, no pressure, no charge. Book a free chat with an expert here. Ready to commit? Justget a package here, and off we go!

This Month:

EnduroOnRampBarbell Bettys and Fraternity BarbellCatalyst Kids Holiday Camp!Ignite!Rumours…

What's the best way to increase your running speed and endurance? Contrary to popular belief, it's NOT more mileage. More is NOT better; BETTER IS BETTER.
Enduro is our in-house, complete training program for the Endurance Athlete. Train twice per week with a group, and follow the program on the other days. Get faster in less time (and with less work) as the beneficiary of solid habits and good science!
$60 per month: all your workouts are planned.Eight workouts every month with Mike Watson, certified CrossFit Endurance coach. A lifetime of gains.
Register here. More information on the Catalyst Endurance site,

When people decide to try CrossFit, they're not looking for a Community. They're not looking to compete. They're trying to drop a pants size, or keep their wind when they're walking up two flights of stairs. They just want to feel…younger again. CrossFit's a great way to do that – it fixes a LOT of problems in your life – and OnRamp is where we all start. If you know how to squat, you'll learn how to squat better. If you don't know how to clean, we'll show you. A small group, all prepared to learn. The rest comes later. Right now, if you're holding out your hand, you're probably not looking for the brass ring, but a lifeline. That's OnRamp. Three weeks, full immersion, a great coach and a new path.

You can register here. This group almost always sells out; you may want to commit early.

 Meet Marnie. Marnie's a Betty. Does that confuse you?

Barbell Bettys is our womens' strength training group. They don't use foam-covered bars, or pink dumbbells; they don't do triceps kickbacks or bum-up pushups. They pick up heavy stuff; they put it over their head. They don't back down. "Strong for a girl" is insulting to them. They KNOW stuff – that muscle doesn't make you big and bulky; but lean, powerful, and confident. And YOU can be a Betty, too. Coach Mitch starts Bettys Level 1 – an introduction to the basics of real strength – in early January. Monday nights at 5:30-7pm.

Men: The Barbell Fraternity begins on the same night. Get signed up. Learn strength from the masters.

Catalyst Teens – Holiday Morning Camp, and January Evening Groups

We've been saying it for years: strength training – and calisthenics, gymnastics, and running – are not just beneficial, but CRITICAL for normal physical development of kids. Parents love it because it exposes their kids and teens to a huge variety of exercise; their kids love it because it's challenging and very fun. Kids are praised for their hard work, rather than individual accomplishment; they learn to interact with a group, but depend on themselves. And over 80% of them stick with it for years. If you're looking for the best combination to get your kid hooked on exercise for life, this is it. And with the new Federal and Provincial Childrens' Fitness Tax credit, you could easily have each kid in Catalyst Kids for a full year, 100% deductible.

Groups run at 7pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays, beginning January 3. Can't wait that long? Our Holiday Daytime group is next week! Monday-Friday, 10-11am.
 Register your kid online here!


Things are really heating up at Ignite!. Tyler's brought Mitch in to help with the demand, and two new interns will be starting in January. We'll be included in a local school Board's study on improving standardized test scores; we're completing our first trials with head-injury patients; more insurance companies are considering funding for the program after our first-round success; preliminary data from a local high school shows extremely positive results on attendance, grades, and classroom participation. Kids' groups will restart mid-January (we're still finalizing dates) and focus on reading, but kids will bring their own material, and we'll build around that. Stay tuned to the site for details….

The Scuttlebutt
 First off, I brag about the Catalyst Family a LOT. But here are a few examples from the last 48 hours: first, Leanne and Carolle had an idea to get a few members together for dinner. So far, we have 41 on the list and a few other nonconfirmed. That's awesome. Second, we debuted our new Catalyst Crest hoodies 24 hours ago…and they're gone. Reordered already.
New building: still in the same stages. We're running Troy Woods to the bone (doesn't he look good?!?) and touring every single building possible. We have high expectations, and that's limiting our choices. Gotta get something that's worthy of our Community….
Mitch has some HUGE new stuff coming for kids: grappling, rumble/tumble, tumbling, and an expanded Catalyst Kids offering. Whit's kicking in with something all her own, too, that I can't yet mention.
How do we grow? Well, you bring your friends. We don't advertise anymore. But it's hard to define Catalyst, isn't it? Maybe this will help….
Nutri-Ninjas: you're not lost in the mix! Stay up-to-date on the site! The trial group was absolutely AMAZING – we'll restart at the beginning of February! Watch for the signup list!

Quick Links…

Queen St. Facility

The Park (our CrossFit gym)

Personal Training


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I know it's customary for you to make a 'New Year's Resolution,' . But ask yourself this: of all the 'Resolutions' in the past, how many have worked? How many have changed your life? The problem isn't one of intent; it's one of timing. The perfect time to start exercising? There's no such thing.The best time to start? It's now. It's always now. Success comes not to the one who takes the most perfect action, but to the one who does their best and tries to improve. We'd love to hear from you this year.

To my friends, my Catalyst Family, my Mules, my Bettys, my Green Army: thank you. Merry Christmas from me, Robin, Avery and Orrie; Mike, Tyler, Whit, Mitch, Adrian, Jo, Josh, and Sean. 2011 is OUR year.

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