Stories From Catalyst: April 2013

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There's a TON of stuff happening in May. Here are the highlights (click the link to register for any of them) :


Beginner running group:

Cam Wilson's introduction to better running. Build up to your first 5k, your best 5k, or get started without killing your knees. Homework every week, and a VERY fun group.

el 1 Bettys includes basic barbell techniques (back squat, press, bench press, push press, deadlift, and good morning) and some base-level instruction on exercises like pullups and pushups. Bettys Betty's mantra:

Photography – We're a photogenic bunch. Your family is also pretty good-looking, and we live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world. TAKE BETTER PICTURES. Wednesday evenings for 4 weeks, taught by Andi Fraser (whose photography graces this newsletter, as well as our daily WOD blog.)

Greg Pettypiece is back with a Clean and Jerk Clinic on April 27th (Sunday) at 10am. 20 people max, $10 per head. If you missed the Snatch clinic, you're probably regretting it. Register here.

Obstacle Course Racing hits its peak over the summer. If you're training for Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, METCON Blue, or any other, get in this group to learn techniques for climbing ropes, getting over walls, or just running uphill forever!

Students who are returning to Catalyst are eligible for summer membership rates. New students (welcome!) are eligible for summer Open Gym times after they complete OnRamp!

OnRamp is filling up for May, but you can always jump the line by booking five half-hour Personal Training sessions instead. The small group is more fun, but the one-on-one attention is faster! You choose.

Finally, our summer Coaches' Internship Program will begin in May. We're being vague here on purpose, but the Internship program is an opportunity for those who would like to see the perspective from the other side of the clipboard. It's twelve weeks long, and includes lecture, shadowing, and coaching feedback. It's a valuable resource for those entering the profession (CrossFit or not,) and great insight otherwise. We're only taking four; get in touch with Mel if you're interested.


Amy Barbarie: Starting The Right Way

Amy could be the next NoonHour Superstar.
The group that brought you Boo Man, Cooz, and Shandsy (among other up-and-comers like Coop) is the home turf for Amy, who spent time in Afghanistan. While there, she encountered CrossFit…but thought it looked too scary! How has her perspective changed?

Click here to read the rest of her story! Beginner Running Group

Spring is taking its sweet, sweet time.

Be ready when it gets here.

Learn to run 5k for the first time…or your fastest time.


New to running? Want to go faster? Want to avoid shin splints?

This is the running group for you.

Cam Wilson teaches the POSE method to make you faster and lighter on your feet, injury-free, and…maybe?….a runner by May.

April 24th – 6 Weeks – $79 – No excuses.

Learn how to run, when to run, how much to run…and also how to get better without running more. Learn mobility and stretching, technique, and exercises that will speed you up and soften your strike.

This group ALWAYS sells out.
Register online here, or call 705-256-1344

Mountain Maple

Every year, our favourite race is the Mountain Maple. It's an early 5k on a grassy course through an historic maple bush that summits into an apple orchard from the 1800s. Low pressure, with a few hills. 

It's also a kid-friendly race (Avery and Theo enjoy the cookies afterward) with shorter courses and a ton of prizes. Register at Catalyst, or check the Mountain Maple facebook page for more information. 
Catalyst is ALWAYS very proud to sponsor the Mountain Maple. Get out and wear your green!

Barbell Bettys

The Bettys Mantra:

We started the Barbell Bettys program four years ago because we believed that women need exposure to REAL strength training. In almost every other species, females are – at minimum – as strong as the males. Why is this so? 

slayed by CrossFit women around the world. Weights don't make women less ladylike – they just make them less weak. No one would call Coach Charity bulky, but her small frame can pick 355lbs up off the floor and hold it at her waist – a feat that most MEN at most GYMS can't accomplish. Let her show you what real strength means. Thursday nights at 8pm (yes, we know it's bedtime for your kids. Be strong.) Starting May 15th. Register online here, or call 705-256-1344.

Where's Coop?

In the last month, I've been working at CrossFit HQ (Santa Cruz,) where I had the chance to watch the 13.5 announcement live and train with Greg Amundson at CrossFit Amundson. A great guy; Greg and I also visited St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis in March. Next, I'm headed to talk with Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell, and then to the AAPF Powerlifting National Championships. 

Coming up: Canada East and West Regionals, Polyface Farms (home of Joel Salatin from The Omnivore's Dilemma and Food, Inc.) and a massive event for teens at Reebok in Canton, MA. Watch for stories in CrossFit Journal, CrossFit for Hope, and on the CrossFit Games site.



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Mel did a fantastic job with the Open. The work – and stress – behind the scenes is far more than anyone can appreciate until they've been there. She's also implementing some really positive improvements in Personal Training, including new video review feedback and a better system for delivering homework. She's got the 2013 Catalyst Games already in the works, and a new Internship program for those who want to see 'behind the clipboard.' Thanks, Mel! 
On another note, we'll have a bright, shiny new website by the end of the month! Our goal: to make all of YOU look good to the world. We're going to win the internet!

 – Chris

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