Today's Workout: 020414

Before you get your first coffee, eat breakfast, or do anything else, today is Live Like An Athlete week. The first challenge:
5 minutes of challenging exercise (must induce sweating)
1 big glass of water.
Sample ‘WakeUp WOD’ (choose one):
10 pushups / 10 situps / 10 squats / 10 hollow rocks – 4 rounds, not timed
20 Sun Salutations
Today’s Workout:
5 strict pullups/15 push press (dumbbells) – 5 rounds
4 minutes of max snatches – 75/55lbs
Rest 1:00
3 minutes of max snatches
Rest 1:00
2 minutes of max snatches
Rest 1:00
1 minute of max snatches
How does your score compare to yesterday’s burpees?

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