Today's Workout: 033013

9am: Group/Team Workout

10am: CrossFit Open 13.4 Revisited

We're closed tomorrow, and that means we'll be hitting 13.4 as a LAST-CHANCE qualifier at 10am. There will be NO attempts made tomorrow.  Come and improve your score, or just burn out your lungs!

9am Group / Team Workout:

5 minutes max distance row – 20 strokes per teammate, then rotate

5 minutes max 200m sprints – relay

5 minutes max pullups – 20 reps max per teammate at once

5 minutes max GHD Situps – 20 reps max per teammate at once

5 minutes max double-unders

10am Group: please respect the training time and space of the 9am group, and warm up on the 'mat side' of the gym.

If you've been enjoying these pictures by Andie Fraser on our blog every morning (I sure have!) you'll love this: she's teaching a photography course. At Catalyst. In April. Details to come.


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