Todays Workout: 042213

CatalystOpen134-4856_zpsa95b2bcfBack Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

When choosing warmup loads for the back squat, use Prilepin's Chart for optimal CNS stimulation and recovery between lifts (translation below the chart) :

Prilepin's 'optimal total' refers to the number of total repetitions done for the workout. Disregard that number for the moment; this is a test day, not a training day as far as the squats are concerned.

Use 50% of your max for 2 sets of 5.

Use 65% of your max for a set of 5.

Use 75% of your max for a set of 3.

Use 85% of your max for a set of 3.

Use 92% of your max for a single – focus on bar speed.

Increase your max by 2-5% and hit a single. Then increase that number by 2-5% and hit another. Take up to three singles in your pursuit of a new max.

Don't know your max back squat? No problem. Hit a new best effort according to these priorities:

1) Depth. Get lower than you have before. When your hips are below your knees, stop.

2) Posture. Keep your back in the correct position for optimal hip recruitment (your coach will describe that position in class.)

3) Speed. Improve bar speed first, then add weight.

4) Challenge. Move up according to what feels tough. The first few sets should NOT.

A final point: today's workout isn't about muscular fatigue, but about a max test of your Central Nervous System. Your coach will explain the difference. 

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