Today's Workout: 102613

“Sweat Factory”
20 minute AMRAP of:
25 Med Ball Situps (throw back and forth)
20 burpees (partner holds plank – no plank, no rep)
15 Partner Squats – med ball at your backs. 5 burpee penalty for dropped balls.
10 Partner Deadlifts
Count total reps for score.
This WOD is dedicated to Clint Lowery of Sweat Factory CrossFit. Clint had a 99% blockage in his right coronary artery, which caused a heart attack on Thursday. He has a new stent, and his doctor told him to take a week off before resuming CrossFit. THAT is FITNESS.
Clint and Maci are paramedic and firefighter, respectively. They host a ton of fundraisers for firefighters and cops, and they’re just all-around great people. If you’re in Minneola, FL this winter…represent the Green Army at their box!
Advantage: Fitness from last night.

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