We’re quite DIFFERENT than a standard gym.

We DON’T sell gym access – Catalyst Fitness & Nutrition is a coaching business – 88 White Oak Drive is a building that we deliver our coaching service out of – but it is NOT the only place we reach our clients. 

In March, the government forced businesses deemed ‘not essential’ to close, and after 123 days we re-opened. That was in July. 

It wasn’t easy to close our ‘bricks and mortar’ location, but we COACH clients. We quickly pivoted and began delivering our coaching online. Our Varsity (kids and teens program) completed ‘Zoom’ workouts. Personal training clients received the same service via Zoom and our group fitness members received more. Our team of professional coaches delivered, as we have always done. Coaches provided customized home workouts to all clients regardless of the equipment they did or didn’t have. We gave them their ‘WHY’ and their “HOW’ to keep training. While the Sault community was sorting out what to do, our clients at Catalyst knew exactly what they were going to get!  

With recent news about local gyms having employees test positive for COVID, It’s important to remember that they are not to blame. Great systems help mitigate the spread. Every system is not fail-safe, but the systems and protocols we’ve put in place since reopening are better than what they were in March, and much more than the bare minimum, to assist in keeping our community and our clients at Catalyst safer. 

  • We track every person that attends our facility. 
  • We require appointments to attend group fitness, personal training, goal reviews, and nutrition check-ins. 
  • We have clearly marked spaces to workout that is more than the recommended 6 foot rule
  • Everyone wears a mask until they begin to workout. 
  • We have a 15 minute buffer between classes to ensure people leaving one class do not pass the next class coming in. 
  • We clean our floors after every class or session and clean the equipment after every use. 

Catalyst Fitness takes the health of our clients very seriously. Remaining fit or getting fit will only help in the long run against viruses like COVID-19.  This margin of health against illness is ESSENTIAL, and we keep building that through exercise and nutrition. If you need that kickstart to your fitness and health, click here and we’ll coach you on how to get there.