CatalystGym: Now With More Karly!

Our top priority at Catalyst: to make your life happier.
We deliver on joy.
Our tools are tough workouts, new skills, collaborative competition and the Catalyst Family. Our coaches are selected, trained and refined with “HAPPY” as the base of the pyramid.
It’s hard to find anyone happier than Karly. She’s also a top athlete, fantastic listener, and professional coach in behavioral change already.
Karly came to Catalyst six years ago as an athlete. Since then, she’s become a Registered Dietitian – kind of a big deal – and started practicing in the Sault, her hometown. You’ve seen her along the way. And if you’ve met her, you already like her.
Karly completed our coaches’ Advanced Theory Course in the spring. In October, she’ll launch the first private Dietitian practice in Sault Ste. Marie inside our gym! Karly will bring a MUCH-needed nutrition perspective to our team. She’ll also bring even more joy to our groups and 1:1 training sessions.
We’re very very very excited to have Karly joining us in October. She’s a perfect fit for our coaching staff, and a perfect addition to our mission: make people happy.