Focus Group: Weightlifting

You probably don’t need a good reason to lift heavier weights.
You probably don’t need an excuse to snatch more.
You probably don’t need a kick in the butt to want a smoother clean.
But just in case, the CrossFit Liftoff is November 5 and 6, 2016.
Here’s how to get ready.
Our new “Focus Groups” are 4-on-1 personal training sessions with an expert. You’ll get as much personal attention as you like in an intimate, team-like atmosphere.
Focus Groups are limited to four people and one coach. Sessions last an hour, and focus on high speed/low drag. Course curriculum is tailored to your specific needs, and homework is personalized.
The first Focus Group at Catalyst will be for Weightlifting (snatch, clean and jerk.) It will be instructed by Jess Sally, USA Weightlifting Certified Coach. And it will fill FAST.
Time: Wednesdays, starting September 28, at 5:30pm
Rate: $199 (includes homework)