Client Stories: Kathleen McGuire

5414_207310090402_545165402_7613496_494882_n Kathleen showed up in March, unannounced and ready to party. We threw "Michael" at her; a few days later, she came back, still holding her abs, but smiling.

Kathleen was with us for 24-Hour Emergency. She's survived Baseline Week. Her facebook profile description says simply, "a crossfit junkie addicted to chocolate covered jubes." She writes her own blog about training at Catalyst.

5491_1206299722858_1389604376_585213_2301679_n Kathleen holds our womens' 500m rowing record (1:47.5.)

1. I've been working on pushups and band assisted pull ups. Trying to link the double unders but can only use the blue rope.
2. No idea which wod is my strength. I guess rowing. I like wall balls and back extension stuff. I used to love Grace but that was after a night shift and before "trapzilla" reared her ugly head with the clean and jerks.
3. Weakest….ummm, snatches or overhead squats definitely. Oh, and still can't do one single REAL pull-up. Oh, knees to elbows too…..grrrr
4. ARCH would be the charity of choice for me.

5414_207314610402_545165402_7613768_2861334_n I was creeping around the Catalyst and Crossfit sites back in March and I can't believe I'm actually doing this! I'm glad I didn't listen to my body when it yelled for me to stop after my first intro to Fran……recovery is much better now 😉