Client Stories: Pauline Jenson

Web Well…here goes !! When I decided to step up my exercise routine I really didn't know what I was getting myself into !! I began at Catalyst with Chris as my personal trainer.

After the first 3 workouts – one of them being "Filthy 50" – I thought He was trying to kill me !! But, it's true ….what doesn't kill you , makes you stronger. And, when it didn't kill me, I got ADDICTED !!

I am still a work in progress (as everyone is in crossfit) but I can now do 5 pullups in a row, deadlift 200 lbs, run 5K in 25 minutes and I'M NOT AFRAID TO TRY NEW THINGS !!

The workouts are challenging and the coaches are even more challenging …LOL !!The people who do crossfit are a rare breed…working as a team and encouraging one another…why WOULDN'T you wanna go to a gym like that !!!!!