Client Stories: Phil Strickler

Phil1 Phil Strickler (heretofore known as Philsy) is our Fran record-holder. When he broke the record the first time, he had a shirt made up. Then he broke it again and again….and we wouldn't want to sort his laundry!

Phil's greatest ability is to shout at the devil. When the WOD is going long, and voices are silenced by gasping, dry, heaving lungs, Phil's "Whoooooooo!" is the only encouragement you're likely to find from another athlete.

I have been
doing some running (I hate running) and stretching at night which I
think is helping.

I love
doing circuits move from one exercise to another and anything with legs

Weakest link – I would have to say anything over head and
running did I say I hate running?

I would donate any prize to the
Easter seals my family has helped with this charity since I can
remember so I’ll carry on the tradition.

I was
part of Catalyst crossfit test groups and was curious about trying
something new .I haven’t workout in a gym setting for 5 years so doing
3 on 1 off was tough at the beginning but then you get hook, checking
the site late at night, planning strategies and what weight to use it
was fun. What I enjoy the most is cheering on other especially new
members who never done this before. I can finally say that after 10
years of living in the soo I have a group of awesome people I call my
friends and want to hang out with them.