Maxine Lingurar: The Specialist

photoI had my first experience at Catalyst when I was touring the community as a medical recruit for the Sault Area Hospital.  I have been here for just over a year now and my daughter Liz has been doing the Ignite program for several months.  She was always “anti-exercise” so it was great to find a physical activity she was willing to try.  We still have our ups and downs in that regard but Charity has been very patient with Liz and puts up with hours of information on the zombie apocalypse (her favourite topic.)

I have been fairly physically active since my 20’s.  Before that I was anti-exercise myself, but I found weightlifting in my 20’s and it was something I enjoyed and was good at.
In 2011 I started really training for a bodybuilding competition and won my first competition in 2012 in Tulsa, OK.  I have never been in as good condition as I was then, but I have stayed fairly fit since then.  At the same time my husband started working on his fitness and lost more than 150 lbs.  He’s had some setbacks recently, but when one of us works out it encourages the other to keep going.  We both have our weak moments, but we are much better off than we were 10 years ago.
Right now I am getting started with Crossfit.  I find it is a new challenge, similar to bodybuilding but easier to fit into my lifestyle.  It emphasizes functional fitness over appearance, so it is more practical in terms of my longevity and overall health.  In addition as a surgeon (and now Chief of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Service at Sault Area Hospital) I have a need for activity that will allow me to continue my physically and mentally challenging work without making me feel like I am imprisoned in the gym.  If I feel like going out skiing or snowshoeing, I do it without feeling guilty that I’m missing out on a weight workout.
I don’t know what exercises I would like to see in the open.  I guess the standard movements expected in Crossfit, which have mostly been included in past Open events.  I’m scared of muscle-ups.  I hope I can do some next year.  Chest-to-bar pull ups were very tough.  I only got the one, but next year I am sure I’ll do better.
My best Crossfit memory is seeing Liz lift the bar over her head.  She had such a look of concentration and achievement and I was so proud of her.  I hope she carries that tremendous confidence with her through her life.
Maybe second was climbing the rope for the first time.  That was a task I could never do, even in grade school and it always bothered me.  I always felt like a weakling because of it.  Also I was no good at team sports or running.  I was always considered unathletic.  You know, the kid picked last for every team.