Catalyst Games 2008

1196846773_the_end_is_near_webIt’s Catalyst Games Day.

See you at 99 Industrial Court ‘B.’  Rules are below.  Timetable:
8am – bench press/truck pull combo
10am – deadlift to max
12pm – ‘Murph’

All proceeds go to Christy’s Light Foundation.  3 classes: Open (everybody,) Fire/Police/Military, and Trainers.  The battle between Trainers is getting very intense, including a LOT of chirping!  Cheer on your favourite Catalyst Trainer (or heckle them.  It’s your chance!)

Cafe Natura will be on hand – if you haven’t had their coffee, you’ve gotta add it to your ‘life list.’  We’ll have a charity food booth there too.

Anyone can finish.  Anyone can compete.  Let’s support this very worthwhile cause, have a good time in the progress, and make a couple of ‘sweat angels!’  Don’t miss the return of ‘Intern Taylor!’