Today's Workout: 010614

3-Position Paused Front Squat (3 seconds at 1/4 squat, 3 seconds at 1/2 squat, 3 seconds in the bottom. That’s one rep.)
1000m row buy-in
max wall balls in 4:00
max box jumps in 3:00
max burpees in 2:00
max double-unders in 1:00
…for total points.
The 3-position front squat is to prepare you for catching heavy cleans, maintaining your position doing thrusters, and staying in the same posture throughout a wall ball. At each 3-second count, as yourself: are my elbows up? Is my torso straight? Where to I feel the weight on my feet? Is the bar ‘pulling’ me forward? There will be some thinking involved today.
On the METCON portion, the rower has one simple function: make you tired. I want you to have a good reason to stop during wall balls. That doesn’t mean I want you to stop; I want you to keep going DESPITE having a good reason to take a break. Hop off the rower, and start your wall balls in less than five seconds (don’t count them out, don’t hesitate, just pick up the ball and go.) Maintain a smooth pace, as you would on the rower; try to keep going as long as possible.
It will be the same scenario with the box jumps. You’ll be tempted to bang out a number – say 20 – as quickly as possible, and then rest. Don’t. If anything, try for an uneven number; don’t let yourself off the hook. Slow down if necessary, but don’t stop.
Finally, you get to do as many double-unders as possible while under fatigue. There’s a great chance you’ll see them this way in the Open, but even if not, the training stimulus that comes from attempting skill work while fatigued has a large metabolic impact.
No Pain/No Grain update:
As of 5:00am, we have 824,000 metres logged in January. That’s five days of rowing. Incredible!