Today's Workout: 022414

This is the first day of Podium Week. You’re going to set a personal best.
First, box jumps: choose one (or all three) at which to attempt a personal record (PR) :
1. Max height box jump.
2. Max unbroken box jumps (less than a second of rest between each.)
3. Most box jumps in one minute.
Second, “Jackie”:
Row 1,000 meters
Thruster 45 pounds, 50 reps
30 Pull-ups
You have three opportunities for a personal best in “Jackie”:
1. Fastest 1000m row time
2. Most unbroken thrusters (or pullups)
3. Fastest total time.
If you’ve never done a box jump for max height, or performed “Jackie” before, you’re going to spend a LOT of time on the podium today!
CrossFit ‘Lite’ workout today:
Two rounds of “Split Jackie”:
Row 500m
25 squats / 25 pushups
30 pullups.