Today's Workout: 022614

Our most popular #podiumweek picture from yesterday!

Establish a 1-rep max, 10-rep max, or 20-rep max in all three:
1. Clean
2. Snatch
3. Overhead Squat or Front Squat
Then, attempt a PR at “Angie” (50-40-30-20-10 of double-unders and situps)
1) max unbroken double-unders
2) unbroken situps throughout
3) total time.
It’s the last day of Podium Week – tomorrow will be a Mobility class, and the big announcement of the CrossFit Open Event One. Friday’s classes will be the week’s Open workout (you can still do them even if you’re not registered for the official Open; the workouts will be similar to the stuff we usually do, just with more fanfare.)
If you haven’t registered yet, and want to, click here.
If you have registered, here’s all the info you’ll need to participate!

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