Today's Workout: 030916

2 rounds
Row/Run 400m
in remaining time Max DU’s
2:00-3:00 rest
30 WallBalls
in remaining time max pull-ups
5:00-6:00 rest
30 OHS 75/55
in remaining time max push-ups
rest 8:00-9:00
score is total reps acheived with the extra time
WHY:This workout is made up of 2 min intervals. Each 2 min interval has a task you have to finish with another exercise tacked on the end to keep you moving the whole time as fast as possible. All the tasks are doable which means you should be able to complete them with little rest, Heart rate is going to be very high the entire 2min, then you have 1 min to recover so that you can go just as hard the next 2 min interval. This workout is 2 rounds which means you can measure your fatigue by the difference you see between round 1 and 2. Push each interval to the max!