Today's Workout: 061214

Clean 90% every minute, on the minute, for 10 mins
5 rounds for time of;
7 muscle-ups
21 sumo deadlift high pull (95/65)
From Tanner Rutland:
Almost a week ago I lost a friend, teammate and a brother who I played hockey with for 2 years in Southern Ontario. When I got the news last week that my friend had collapsed while working out in a gym at the young age of 22 it left me in pure shock. My teammate Tyler was a dedicated, hard working athlete who always had the biggest smile going in the room. He played hockey at the University of Waterloo and now he will never be able to play the game he loved again. The news also left me in shock because I had just left the gym myself, leaving me to realize all the little things in life we sometimes take for granted. After a tough weekend in Southern Ontario I messaged Coop Sunday night asking if we could do a WOD in memory of my friend. Without hesitation he said, “Yes, this Thursday, no problem”. Now that my hockey career is over (and I’m all washed up) I also realized that every time I enter the box I am part of a new team. Catalyst has been the closest thing to a team for me since I stopped playing competitive sports. So, I could not think of a better way to pay tribute to my friend than do a WOD with all of you great people. This is just another testament to the outstanding community and individuals at Catalyst.
Remembering Tyler Norrie