Today's Workout: 072814

1 Power Snatch – 1 Full Snatch – every 30 seconds for 10 minutes
In a 10:00 cap: 30 cleans and jerks for time.
Run 1 Mile.
We’re moving through three separate energy pathways today.
First, the CP pathway: work hard for 3-5 seconds, metabolize energy as quickly as possible, repeat.
Second, the glycolytic pathway: work very hard for a few minutes. The point of “Grace” is to spend 3-7 minutes in an anaerobic state; choose a weight you can handle for 30 cleans and jerks in 3-7 minutes.
Third, the aerobic pathway: how quickly can you bring your heart rate down to an aerobic (conversational) level? Keep this mile to about 75% of your fastest pace.