Today's Workout: 080814

150 KB swings
At the 1-minute mark, stop and perform 3 double-unders.
At the 2-minute mark, stop and perform 6 double-unders.
At the 3-minute mark, stop and perform 9 double-unders.
Continue ascending in number of double-unders performed until the 7-minute mark (21 D/Us) and then start again from 3 until 150 kb swings are completed.
Then: 40 minutes of mobility.
It may seem as if I’m giving you extra rest here. To the contrary.
Knowing that only a limited opportunity exists to slay the dragon each round, you’ll find yourself encouraged to push through extra reps. After all, it’s only 8 more seconds…right? So you grip longer, delay dropping the kettle bell, and build a tiny bit more fitness.