Today's Workout: 091012

Betty-Lou Mancuso, Spirit of the Games.

OnRamp Test #1

500m row

40 squats

30 situps

20 pushups

10 pullups

…for time.

Beginning September 1,  new members of Open Gym go through OnRamp, too! Beginning in October, all OnRampers will complete the above test on the first AND last session of the group.

Thanks to everyone for an unbelievable day at Searchmont. Jon and Tina Balfe took home top honours as Fittest, and Lucas Proulx put on an unbelievable show for an 18-year-old to take second. On the womens' side, Jess King demonstrated her diverse skillset to rock second place. Cam Wilson and Cindy Henson filled the podium in their respective classes.

Full results, including Teams and Varsity, will be posted later this morning, thanks to Parnzy's fast work. The operations 'behind the scenes' were flawless and invisible, and we thank our volunteers for making that happen. Thanks to Searchmont for the great BBQ (mostly paleo!) and to Again Faster for the draw prizes, and to Joe Albert for chiropractic care. 

Finally, I can't thank Mel and Ty enough for their work over the last month, on Saturday night, and on Sunday morning. These guys pulled off a 14-hour day, and they'll both be right back on the platforms to coach this morning.