Today's Workout: 121514

“Throwback Week”
As we enter the last week before the holidays begin, we’ll take a tour of the workouts Coop was building circa 2001-2004. It’s not quite CrossFit…but it’s definitely not anything close to what everyone else was doing back then, either.
1-leg squat (or pistol) x 10/leg
20 Squats
Dumbbell Press x 10/arm (other held overhead)
20 DB Presses
1-leg hip raise x 10/leg
10 hip raises
Dumbbell Row x 10/arm (other held in armpit)
Dumbbell Row x 20
AMRAP in 20:00. Don’t rush, but don’t stop.
The point is to go from a unilateral movement to a bilateral one (e.g. one hand to two hands.) This will allow different musculature to help out when you’re most fatigued, but still perform reps as strictly as possible while you’re fresh, and get a LOT of volume in during a short time frame.
We’ll have our final SuperMeet results up this afternoon, and a video of Andre Riopel’s speech tomorrow! Don’t touch that dial!
Thanks to Kath, Carolle, Boo and Dave for the incredible event yesterday. It was great to see over 80 chairs filled, with friends dropping by all day to chalk up or just have a coffee. SO MANY CUTE KIDS! I remember when these two were…