Lifting and Gifting Day!

In Northern Ontario, we have thick skin.
Bred from the meeting of the two tribes–native and European–and tempered by work as lumberjacks, mountain men and Coureurs du Bois, toughness is our birthright. It shows in our strength, and in our beardedness.
The opportunity to demonstrate strength is a part of our heritage you won’t see on CBC commercials. Log drivers dancing across logjams, miners pushing carts back onto broken tracks, hunters lugging moose…these are our history. At Catalyst, we carry that tradition of skill and strength into the Supermeet.
Every day, we train. One day, we test. This is it. Six movements, with a two-hour cap.
Three max attempts (but unlimited warmups) at each. We’ll judge your depth, your lockout, and anything else you like. It’s a powerlifting and weightlifting meet, but it feels like you’re playing in a garage band: your friends will be there, and we’ll jam.
Then we’ll have a nap.
And at 5pm, we’ll return to show that our REAL strength is delivered in numbers. Far more than the sum of our parts, the Catalyst Family is big and strong enough to make a real difference in the Sault. This year, 93 local kids will benefit from that power.
Our thick skin covers our big hearts. After the individual celebration of PRs, we’ll group up over food to celebrate each other. Veterans and newcomers will ALL be there, and if you’ve never been to Catalyst before, you’re still more than welcome to join us. Doors open at 4:30, food at 5. We’ll reserve the parking spots out front for our “elves,” who will deliver gifts to CAS at 7. Bring a “Paleo-ish” dish if you can, and be prepared to recite the recipe several times. We sincerely hope you’ll be there.