Today's Workout: 121714

10841484_10152665343483579_1782908037_nClean and Jerk x 15
Front Squat x 3 (heavy)
5 rounds.
Like all workouts this week, there shouldn’t be a sense of “rushing” to finish, but the metabolic component will be obvious nonetheless. Mathematically, “fitness” is best calculated as “total work” (force x distance.) We generally express “force” (mass x acceleration” with quick weighted movements, but could be done equally well with a heavy weight. Lifting a heavy triple requires as much force as a lighter triple done at high speed.
“Distance,” in this case, is the total travel of the barbell. There’s no longer trip than the clean and jerk or snatch. If you’re unfamiliar with the lift, our coaches will replace it with burpees, which has the longest total travel distance of any bodyweight exercise. I doubt you’ll thank us for it.
The Catalyst Varsity group got a quick lesson on f=ma last week. They’ll be tested on f=ma in the most practical way possible: by generating force, at speed, with bodyweight and implements. This year, the CrossFit Open has a category for age 14-17; we’ll encourage them to sign up. And on February 7, our Varsity kids will test themselves with the Teen Gauntlet, a worldwide challenge for teens. We want to take them out of their comfort zone (a bit) in front of their peers, but to optimize safety we’ll only be allowing Catalyst clients to compete in either.