WOD 112808

"War Face"

I minute each, no rest between rounds:

Front Squat – Bench Press – Clean – Wall Ball – Deadlift – 2-Hand Swing – Rope Climb – Ring Dips – Pullups – Tire Jumps – Monkey Bars – Keg Snatch – Rower – GHR – Situps – Reverse Hyperextension – Plank

Courtyard_1 Welcome, CASS! 

It's not just their courtyard that's awesome – their Intramural program is second to none in Canada. Every student is drafted into one of four 'Houses' – Panthers, Knights, Kings, or Aces – and is peer-pressured into playing at least one sport or game every day on their lunch hour.  Your homeroom is decided by your 'House,' and every morning your events for the day go up on the blackboard.  You get team points for showing up, you get a big pep rally at the start and end of the year, and it's even possible to letter in Intramurals (at least it was in '94, when I was there.  Go Panthers!)

1 thought on “WOD 112808”

  1. Go Panthers??? I don’t think so…. Aces all the way man….
    See..even 14 years after graduation…we still compete against each other…. go ACES go