Workout: 041910

DSC_0269 3 rounds for time of:
Walking lunge, 100 ft
50 Squats

25 Back extensions

Today's the Boston Marathon! This morning, non-runner Mike Skinner will join the tens of thousands at the starting line. 

Mike Skinner has been a client of mine as long as I can remember. 
He's super strong (he holds our front squat record), and an all around
nice guy.  Mike came to me a few months ago with an interesting
dilemma…..he and his wife Jenny had been accepted to run the Boston
Marathon through Manulife Financial (Mike's employer and major race

Mike wasn't a "runner,"  It didn't matter, he set his mind on a
goal and today he sets out on the streets of Boston to acheive it.  A
creative mix of Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance programming have
transformed Mike's waistline and mindset.  The man can run.

The knee pain, a Snowspike induced hamstring injury and countless
hours doing Crossfit workouts, rowing and hours spent on the massage
table will culminate today over 42.2 km.

Mike and Jenny are
doing it up right, they had a beer (or three) at Cheers on Friday,
went to a Celtic's playoff game Saturday and were planning on taking in
the action at Fenway today.  This is a couple worth rooting for!

For those interested in tracking Mike and Jenny Skinner check out this excerpt from an email sent out before they left!

To put it in
perspective, it's like running from downtown to the St. Joe's Island turnoff. 
With 25,000 of your closest friends.  And 500,000 people cheering you
on.  Oh my god… what have we got ourselves into??
For those so inclined, you can track by bib #
(24922 for Jen & 24923 for me) or even just the person's last name.  As we're in the 2nd wave,
our times won't even start showing up until 11:45 or so (10K
mark).  You can sign up online to get updates via email or
realtime.  They send emails at the 10km
mark, 22km, 30km, and the final time at 42km.  The website is  I believe it's also televised.  Don't
look for us running alongside the Ethiopians or Kenyans – they'll
likely be finished before we're 10kms into
Mike & Jen
P.S.  You can track us online via the microchip in
our shoes.  If you see mine stop for awhile – it's just me having a turkey
club with a Sam Adams (or 2).  If it suddenly accelerates & leaves the
course, that's me in the ambulance… Cheers! 

Right: Glen goes for the wall ball.  Thursday night, Glen became a black belt.  Attaboy!