The Value of Competition

We believe in collaborative competition.
One of the largest strengths of CrossFit is that we don’t shy away from comparison. A good fitness program should be objectively measurable: you should be able to do things today that you couldn’t last week.
For some, this means lasting an extra minute on Level 15 of the elliptical trainer. Others fall into the trap of ‘good enough’ – that phase of ‘self-maintenance’ where workouts are repeated weekly by the user ’til death do them part.
We believe in doing better than yesterday. We are a community who believes that ‘good enough’ will no longer suffice. We find joy in exercise: not that mythical “runner’s high,” but the get-down, get-lost, get-better-all-the-time joy. This is the joy of accomplishment.
The Catalyst Games is five years old, and our greatest accomplishment hasn’t been longevity. It wasn’t producing our first female 300lbs deadlift, or growing from 13 to over 100 participants. The best thing about the Games is that it pushes people socially as much as physically. Every year, fifty percent of the athletes at the Games are new to competition. They’re not just pushing a split jerk, but pushing their social capacity. Shy? Do the Games, and you’ll never blush again.
We push you in the short term to make you happy in the long-term.
Some compete to win. Some win by competing. Fin’ it or win it. Compete as an individual, and put yourself out there. Compete as a team, and hold the hands of fellow champions. Use the promise of a hard-fought victory to push you through August’s workouts, day by day. Stick to your diet, and go to bed early. Fear makes you eat your broccoli.

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