How ‘Personal’ is your Training?

We are social creatures. Billions of dollars invested in social media platforms can’t be wrong! The most withdrawn ‘introverts’ have an online persona, whether a reflection of themselves or the person they would like to be when around others. We yearn for human contact, connection, affirmation, approval. Even the most powerful influential person that you can think of still seeks that pat on the back from SOMEONE – could be their Mom, a ‘bestie’, an ‘ex’, a colleague, a subordinate, or their mentor.

Walk the Talk

It’s hard to be accountable to yourself. Whether you beat yourself up emotionally (negative motivation – this is not fun nor is healthy!) or set yourself up to suffer through long-term near-impossible challenges, it is not easy to do. I find that it is much easier (and WAY more FUN!) to get that fist bump, encouraging video clip or funny GIF from my Coach – ESPECIALLY when I know my Coach has taken the time to tailor workouts to what I LIKE, what I HAVE and what my current life situation permits.

Coach KNOWS…

My Coach knows that I stayed up really late working, then even a little later to have some brain deload time. My Coach knows that my full-time job is demanding, and that the kids will want a piece of me throughout the day, and if I wait too long to get into my workout I might get too engrossed in work and miss my prime workout time(mid-morning for me). My Coach knows what I’m capable of, that I LOVE barbell work the most, and how much of that I should do without creating excessive muscle soreness.

My Coach has come to know these things through intelligent programming, simple baseline testing, requesting constant feedback, through regular contact, frequent check ins and most importantly – by paying ATTENTION.

NO Traffic, NO Parking!

So you see, the conveniences of running downstairs rather than running across town, and parking my butt on my foam mat to warm up instead of fighting for a good parking spot, are really the bonus benefits to online coaching with an expert and experienced Coach.

Sure, I spend my evenings posting about my workouts, my own personal nutrition on my social media channels…and I will post updates as time permits. Right now, however, I’m spending that time checking in with my clients – delivering the PERSONAL in their Online Personal Training!

If you are seeking the attentive support of a Coach like mine, email me at and we can set up a call today.

We will chat about your goals and how Online Coaching with an expert Personal Trainer at Catalyst Fitness can help you.