Why Your Workout Isn't Working

There’s a reason you can’t lose weight.
You have a gym membership. You have access to the healthiest food. You have unlimited knowledge at your fingertips. So why are you up 10lbs over last year?
Because you hate your workout.
You hate walking on the treadmill. You hate doing sit-ups. You hate the leg extension machine. You hate avoiding eye contact, and mirrors, and those oh-so-helpful advice-givers who you KNOW are watching all the time…
…and worst of all, you don’t think it’s working. Right?
So it takes a lot of self-motivation to show up every day. We used to call this “willpower.”
“Willpower” is a real psychological phenomenon. Willpower becomes stronger or weaker depending on your stress level, your fatigue, and how much you have to use it. Had a long, stressful day at work? Willpower will be used up by the time you reach home. On Monday, you might be okay…but by Friday, your willpower is shot. And if Johnny’s hockey game started early on Wednesday, it’s also a write-off.
After staring at a screen for 8 hours and hating your job, how are you supposed to walk on a treadmill for another hour at the gym? If you hate your workout, you’ll be unsuccessful.
This is the largest problem we’ve solved at Catalyst. This is the reason our workouts WORK: you’ll like exercising here.
We have different workouts every day; you’ll never be bored. We have expert coaches; you’ll never stop learning new stuff. We have nutritional guidance, so you’ll learn the simple tactics that produce huge results. And we have a fantastic group of members–you’ll fit in right away.
All the positive-mindset, stick-with-itness, firm resolutions in the world mean nothing if you hate your workout. Even lululemon won’t make you lose weight. But when you love the group, the coaches and the progress, that ALL goes away.
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