Muddy Moose Charge Training Group

Get ready for the Second Muddy Moose Charge (or any other obstacle course race) with this 8-week group!
Train on the scariest obstacles. Get fit enough to tackle the rest!
Once per week beginning July 22, train with Coach Taryn. She has several obstacle course races under her belt! Ask her about her special strategy to stay efficient under fatigue. Included in the group is special running homework to get you fit for the climb and access to Saturday morning CrossFit groups! Learn to do wall climbs, crawling, sprinting, running and fantastic CrossFit workouts to get you ready!
Our goal is to build “obstacle immunity”-the fitness and capacity to power through ANY obstacle. You’ll do that with strength and balance training, endurance and experience.
Climb the SAME walls you’ll face on the mountain!

Click here to register.  Limited space available!

2 thoughts on “Muddy Moose Charge Training Group”

  1. Hi Megan! This is our group from 2015. But we’ll announce a new OCR training program for 2016 very soon!