New Year's ReVolution


Each year around this time, dozens of my friends make promises to themselves:

"This year, I'm going to stop eating so much garbage."

"This year, I'll stop drinking so much beer."

"This year, I'll drop 20 pounds."

"This is the year."

It IS the year.  It's 2012 – not your first year, and not your last. But it's the most important, because it's the one in your palm RIGHT NOW. 2012 is the only year of your life that you have the power to change.

We know a bit about change. We USED to believe that change happened when you firmly believed in something; visualized success; gritted your teeth, clenched your butt, and walking through fire. 

And now we know better. Change means appreciating what you're ALREADY doing right – even if you think it's nothing. Change means doing the easy stuff first – learning to squat, for instance, before signing up for that triathlon. Change means recognizing progress without the bathroom scale.

It took us awhile – okay, 15 years – to learn how to do this RIGHT. This isn't stuff you're taught in school; it's the lessons learned through trial and error; through hundreds of successful clients, and our own personal failures. There are no natural athletes here; no "fast metabolisms" or "naturally gifted" exercisers. There IS a big launch pad/safety net.

In our introductory program, we take you step by tentative step through the change process. Those who finish OnRamp almost always keep exercising; those who are still here after three months rarely ever quit. Compare that to an average gym (53% dropout rate by March, 70% by June) and you'll see why people bring their FRIENDS here.

OnRamp starts January 11 with coach Melanie Rose. 6 hours of private, small-group instruction. A completely new perspective on exercise, fitness, and health.

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2012. Think about it.