2009 Hockey Camps

"How are you guys getting this kid so strong?"
"Why are your players so much more fit than anyone else's?"
"What are you doing that's so different?"
"How can you get this kind of player without steroids?"
"Can you get this kid back to the way he was at his best?"
"This kid was the surprise of the draft. He earned his spot because he was so far ahead of everyone else at fitness testing."

121159682_320e2ce9ac These are all questions we've heard from OHL coaches since last fall. Different teams, different players, different coaches. Some during phone calls with Coaching staff, some via email.

The kicker: we're not doing anything that's top secret. Instead, we're constantly reviewing scientific research and applying it to our athletes. We write great programs, and excellent food plans, and make sure our athletes use them. Most of our players don't use any supplements at all; the others use only a basic protein supplement.

Intense application of basic physical movement. First, we make our athletes experts at basic compound movements like squats, deadlifts, presses, and cleans. Then we take them to the next level through creative workouts that combine elements of weight lifting, calisthenics, sprinting, Strongman, gymnastics, kettlebells, and more.

Want an example? A typical (non-Catalyst) Trainer will split up an athlete's week into body parts and add a bunch of distance running. In contrast, we'll focus on movements like hip extension, explosive technique, and challenge-based workouts. By training MOVEMENTS, not individual MUSCLES by themselves, we make a better athlete.

Hockey-hit In fact, athletes who train with us OFTEN KNOW MORE about exercise than any of their peers, and sometimes know more than their coaches! Junior-level coaches will even admit that their offseason program is only a rough guideline to be followed if there's no other option. In 2009, 3 OHL teams have already told their players to follow OUR program instead of their team's offseason handbook!

Parents: you'll be secure in the knowledge that if your son or daughter has to play in another city, they'll know how to take care of their own training safely and effectively. Because we first emphasize mastery of the basics, they'll always know how to exercise without risk of injury AND for maximum benefit in limited time.

For the second year, we're offering our EARLY CAMP starting mid-May. This camp is available only to Midget and Junior-level players, and runs Thursday nights at our Athletic Training facility in the Industrial Park.

Our camps all include:

Membership to Catalyst Athletic – our Athletic Training Gym in the Industrial Park

Full Food Plan
Coaching by the best Trainers in Ontario
Exposure to exercises you'll NEED to know to play NCAA or OHL hockey – but CAN'T find anywhere else
Extra workouts
CAT Testing at the beginning and end of the program with detailed reports
Online tracking

500_1190406481_36114323 Early Camp:

8 Weeks -May 14-July 3

Thursday Nights at 7pm

Midget-Junior Aged Players

$169 (plus gst.)

Summer Dryland Strength and Conditioning Camp
8 Weeks – July 6 Through August 28
Monday and Thursday Mornings
Two Groups: Midget-Junior and Bantam-Under
$329 (plus gst.)

Both Camps Combined
$469 (plus gst.) SAVE $29!

TO REGISTER: CALL (705)253-0011 soon!