Catalyst Kids Starts May 16!

Catalyst Kids is fun, inclusive exercise, focusing on basic bodyweight exercise, and delivered in a game-style format.

Our goal: teach kids that movement is FUN.  We'd like to introduce your kids to playful exercise that they enjoy and will seek out later in life.  We'd like to give them skills that will help them in sport, in fitness, and in play down the road.  And we'd really like it if they learned to love exercise for its own sake.

Catalyst Kids is a 45-minute group activity built around challenges. We use obstacle courses, our climbing wall, lots of mat activities, medicine balls, pvc pipe, gymnastics rings, tumbling mats, and jumping boxes!
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It's a challenging workout, but kids see it as a game. Workouts are built around games like tag, obstacle courses, and other 'playground-style' favourites with our own bit of flavour. Remember Capture The Flag, King of the Mountain, Red Rover…? Like that, but with cheerleaders. I know what you're thinking: how can I sign up WITH my kid? Yeah, me too.
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Our focus is inclusion and fun. Things can become competitive, but never to the exclusion of any kid.

Our coach: Lisa Proctor. Elementary school teacher, gymnastics coach, holder of a BSc in Kinesiology, and all-around fun-lovin' gal. Our facility: Catalyst on Queen St.

Roll out the mats, dust up the climbing wall, and chalk up: it's time to exercise like only a kid can!

5-week Group - $60 (plus gst.)
9am – Ages 8-12
10am – Ages 4-7

TO REGISTER: 253-0011. We're only taking 5 kids per group. Get yours on the list!

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